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1986 was the year that a group of farmers got together and created a line of French bath & body, home care, and aromatherapy products that would go on to rival all others. Durance en Provence’s line of lovely hand creams, body lotions, shampoos, face serums, perfumes, hand soaps, bar soaps, essential oils and more is great for women and men alike.


Lavender Aromatherapy Products



The benefits of organic lavender are endless. Not only does it smell wonderful, it’s great for pampering and relaxation, soothing of the skin, and insomnia. Lavender essential oil has health benefits including pain relief, scalp and skin treatment, enhancement of blood circulation and aiding in the treatment of certain respiratory problems. Keeping this in mind — Durance en Provence specially developed a line of lavender based products with health and stress relief in mind.


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Olive Oil Products

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The first uses of the olive tree as a medicinal plant date back more than 4000 years ago, so it’s no surprise that Durance uses olive oil in many of it’s products. The health benefits are extensive. So great in fact, that doctors encourage us to take 2 tablespoons of olive oil daily. While Durance’s natural olive oil products aren’t edible — they are still just as good for you. Olive oil is great for the skin and hair.

While I can’t pinpoint one specific reason for Durance’s ever-growing popularity, I can definitely come up with a few. Perhaps it’s Durance’s use of organic and natural ingredients grown in Southeast France that makes their products so superior. It might also be that Durance’s products are free of parabens and other toxic ingredients often found in beauty products. Maybe it’s just the fact that Durance en Provence products smell wonderful and leave your skin feeling even better. I encourage you to try this line. Your skin and nose will thank you.

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