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New Le Cadeaux and Baby Cie Designs Coming Soon to Touch of Europe


          Once your little one starts eating solid foods, you’ll want stylish dining sets that they can call their own. Soon you’ll be able to shop these playful new designs from Baby Cie. Baby Cie, (which is a division of popular melamine brand Le Cadeaux), has been busy revamping their line […]


Melamine Color Coordination: Aix Pattern


The new Aix pattern is similar in some ways to Sud. It does seem to go well with several other solids though, see for yourself: We have tried various combinations – see below: 1. With Green Aix with solid green It’s a nice combo 2. With Yellow Not the greatest combination, don’t you think? 3. […]


Video Clip : Melamine Dinnerware ~ It doesn't break!

Our second video clip, featuring the fantastic melamine dinnerware we’ve been selling for over 2 years now. Watch this space for new designs and patterns arriving in March. Le Cadeaux Melamine Dinnerware Brought to You by Touch of Europe

Melamine Color Coordination Guide Part 10 : Beauville Fruit

New Melamine patterns, new guides! Anyone who has tried to match colors when buying online knows how difficult it is. Colors vary on each computer, depending on the resolution, the quality of the display and often the quality of the photograph itself. Our eyes all perceive color differently too. This makes matching anything a challenge. […]

The Eco Friendly Shopper and Consumer

These days it seems you cannot open a magazine or listen to a radio program or watch television without hearing about ‘green’ products and how to be a smart consumer while at the same time doing your bit to reduce waste and encourage recycling. Europeans consumers are ahead of Americans in many ways in this […]